Fantasy World

One thing I pride myself on is being honest with my readers…

Of course, not having anything to sell here makes it easier to talk about real issues and tell it like it is.

And one of those things is that I think many of my readers are living in fantasy world.

I am not trying to be hard, but I think it is important for me to tell you the truth, especially if it will help you make some changes that can seriously impact your life and financial freedom.

I know from some back and forth with members of my subscriber base that most of you would say that trading is a business to you…

And I am sorry, but I am just not buying it.

I know many business owners and am a business owner myself. And real business owners don’t treat their businesses the way that many of you are treating your account.

Let me give you a perfect example…

At Learn to Trade for Profit, we generate revenue based on sponsors–like this:

Free “dummies guide” to trading options.

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When I agree to place an ad somewhere within our website or email newsletters, it is a business decision.

I think about how much revenue the sponsor is providing vs the cost that it takes me to deliver what the sponsor is asking and also have to take into account “opportunity cost” — what I could make with a different sponsorship in the same place.

Now, there may be lots of things I would or would not do when it comes to generating revenue for my business here at LTTFP.

Some readers may get annoyed that I have ads, but as a business owner it is my responsibility to generate revenue.

So I may send an email or use the front page of my site, or a host of other things…

But let me tell you some things I would not do as a business owner:

  • I would never make a deal with a sponsor that could crash my entire business if it went wrong
  • I would never take a deal without knowing the exact revenue opportunity vs the cost and the opportunity cost
  • I would never throw good money after bad money on a sponsorship that isn’t working
  • I would never change my business strategy on a whim without having data to back it up

These are just a few of the basic things I would never do as a business owner, yet many traders do on a regular basis.

Things like taking trades that could blow their account, getting into a trade without clear guidelines on profit potential and loss potential, trying to salvage a trade by putting more of the account at risk when it should already have been closed out as a losing trade, or even changing strategies on a whim…

This doesn’t go for everyone.

You may, yourself, be a very disciplined trader and business operator.

But I want to really encourage all of my readers to think about this very seriously.

Most of you would happily say that you hope trading makes you wealthy and I share that hope for you.

If that is your true goal–running a multi-million dollar business–then you need to become a very serious businessperson.

You need to understand your business inside and out and make decisions that are best for it. Think about them deeply, analyze the available data, know the risks and rewards and make strong, confident decisions.

Growing a small business is all about profit maximizing decisions. The same is true for your trading.

One great decision can grow the business tremendously and one harmful decision can bring it to its knees.

So it’s imperative that you treat your trading accordingly, not just so you can make a few bucks now (which is nice), but more so that when you have 6 and 7 figures under your control, you’ve already become a successful business operator who can handle such responsibilities.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

Oh, and here’s that message from my sponsor again:

Free “dummies guide” to trading options.

Did you know trading options can actually be safer and more profitable than buying and selling stocks?

Video and plain English training guide reveals how to get started tonight. 100% free. Download now.

J Crawford

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