The Principle of Purposeful Community

Most of the time I like to post articles and content about specific strategies, trades, setups, etc. that can potentially help your trading and ultimately make you money.

But today I wanted to take a quick moment to step back on a little bigger scale and share something that has really helped me become more successful in every area of my life:


Not just any community, but the kind that has similar goals, aspirations and-most importantly-will push you to your potential.

I recently hosted what I called a Mastermind meeting at my home. I invited some of the guys in my circle who are actively working on investing and/or growing their own businesses.

And together, we spent almost four hours just talking through our life situations and brainstorming ideas that could help each other move forward in our prospective goals.

What’s cool is that it’s only been two weeks since I hosted that little get-together and I’ve already heard from almost everyone in the group that they’ve seen some successes, accomplished some goals or made some key decisions that are helping them succeed–including myself.

Here’s what is interesting to me…

None of us really “helped” each other in the typical way. We didn’t show up at someone’s business and help them fix a broken system or place a trade in someone’s account… We literally just talked and kicked around ideas and zeroed in on a few things that could potentially be roadblocks in our journey.

And yet, even though we didn’t actively DO something for anyone, we are all seeing success as a result of our time together.

Why it worked…

I think the reason it worked is because most of us are hard-workers and we are going at it day after day but we are pretty “zoomed in” to our situation for lack of better terminology.

For me personally, I get up and I deal with what THAT day throws at me in investing, business, family life, etc.

It’s not often that I take a step back and get real perspective of what my day-to-day life looks like and what systematic changes I could make that would yield results.

That mastermind meeting allowed me to do that. And it is already paying off.

How this could help you…

Now, I don’t know if you have a group of people with similar interests or goals. But I would encourage you to find one. If you already have one, utilize them.

I guarantee if you sat around with a group of traders who had similar goals and aspirations where everyone is at different place in the trading journey, you would come away, after just few hours, with a lot to consider and implement.

People who are “younger” than you in the journey might remind you of some basics you’ve let slip away. People who are further along might help you recognize an issue you didn’t even realize was an issue. Among the chatter of trading strategies and ideas, you might have a light bulb moment of what you could do to tweak your own approach.

Be part of a rising tide…

The right community can have a huge benefit if you are strategic about how you use that community. Set some time apart to invest in your collective future and I really believe it will pay off.

I have already planned the next meeting at my house for this month and I am excited to build off what has already happened. Iron sharpens iron. You need to get around the right people and talk about the right things if you want to have a natural progression of upward movement in your trading and your life.

Implementing new strategy ideas is great (I highly recommend continuing your trading education in that way). But it probably will never add up to the maturation process of being around a community where the tide is rising.

My community of guys has a strong rising tide, and a rising tide lifts all ships. I encourage you to find a group of people that fit the mold of your goals and aspirations so you can rise together as well.

These are just my thoughts, but thanks for reading.



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